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Current Promotion

Our 12 month listing feature has been very successful over the years as it ensures your ad stays online until it rents (up to 12 whole months) without having to repay $24.95 each month to re-list. You may also de-list and re-list as many times as you wish without penalty - ideal for if your tenant falls through and you need to re-list.

What Do I Get When I Post My Listing on the Off-Campus Housing 101 Network?

  1. Distribution! Think MLS.

    We act like the Multiple Listing Service for rentals. As your never know where your next tenant may come from, you need the most exposure possible. It is always better to have a choice of tenants than only one (or zero).

  2. 250 partner websites.

    You want maximum exposure for your listing. Each company we partner with advertises your property on their database. Our partners provide a similar market reach in the rental business which gives your listing maximum exposure.

  3. 20+ years experience.

    We were pioneers in the Internet listing service business. We began our Internet listing service in 1998 with the idea that there had to be a better way to find and post a rental ad than print newspapers and magazines. We have helped lower the cost and increase the reach of landlords and property managers across Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

  4. Dedicated staff and live support.

    Since day one we have offered live support for landlords and tenants alike. Our staff provides daily customer support for everything from: help listing your ad, forgotten passwords and suggestions to improve your listing. Our customer service team also request customer feedback so that we can make our service better. Many of our customers have been with us since day one - proving our commitment to your success.

  5. We build our own software.

    Why does that matter? It means we have full control over the quality and efficiency of our product. It allows us to innovate and try new things easier and prioritize better. For you, it should mean a better experience and one that you have a say in. We never pass the buck!

  6. We screen all our ads before they go live.

    Our staff make every effort to screen against known scams and frauds in the industry. All our listings go through a pending verification system that checks for bogus ads, profanity, discrimination, inappropriate photos and language etc. All our data is from trusted sources; primarily, our own. Watch for ads with the verified icon as these are trusted landlords that have been screened by our staff. If you think you should be a verified landlord, just let us know.

  7. We support our industry.

    Our parent company, ECOM Media Group Inc. supports many trade events and conferences in educating landlords to become better landlords. We sponsor student housing events across the country and speak at events on promoting good landlord/tenant practices. It takes both a good landlord and a good tenant to have a good experience.

  8. We always provide a free trial listing.

    Trust is earned - and your first listing free has served both of us well. If you post an ad on one of our sites and get a good result, you will most likely come back and use us again. We have kept our prices fixed for years at $24.95 for 30 days, $34.95 for 60 days and $44.95 for up to year (365 days). All revenue generated goes back into the service and software to provide a better service for you.

  9. We don't pollute.

    The nature of Internet-based business has lowered the overall carbon footprint from the old print days. We don't have trucking, warehousing, fuel, waste, ink, tree-cutting etc. In fact, our whole operation is run on used banana peels.

  10. We help students go to school.

    Well, we can't take all the credit but we do help 100+ college and universities in three countries find great housing for their students. On average over 80% of students need to find suitable off-campus housing. We were the first to build a branded solution for post-secondary educators back in 1999. We save the schools money and help students and landlords - everyone wins!

  11. See how we designed the Off-Campus Housing 101 engine.

    We took rental searching to the next level. Simply type anywhere you want to live and we put a pin on that spot...your next job, school etc. Check out our video below.